Hello and welcome to my first blog post.

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Updated 11th November 2018

Welcome to my blog. Ten weeks in and I have found that my readership and I enjoy reading and writing about sharing personal development lessons, self improvement and also how to adopt a positive mindset

I am leaving the original post in its entirety below as this blog is a journey and it will be interesting how it progresses!

As usual, any questions, suggestions and comments please do not hesitate to reach out.


Original post – 29th August 2018

My passion and expertise lies in personal development, guiding individuals and teams to realise their potential. Personal Development and Personal Improvement. It is far too easy to be too busy and get caught up with work and life, totally absorbed in the now and not focusing on investing time and effort into what could be.

I am embarking on this Personal Development blog to show you that there are ways to realise your own potential and that of your teams. Whether you have just landed a role in management and are looking for some guidance and tools, a long in the tooth leader looking for ways to improve engagement and culture or someone looking for advice on how to succeed in their development, then this blog is for you!

A bit about me

I’m originally from the UK, my wife, children and I and have been in Australia for the last seven years. It was not easy to get here and we had some serious obstacles to overcome, but we finally emigrated in 2011.

We swapped the bustling London streets for the clear blue skies and wide open spaces of Perth, Western Australia. My Wife and I brought our young family half way across the world and we have not looked back since. We love the outdoor lifestyle, the nearly endless sunshine and warmth, we are also lucky enough to live near the beautiful Indian Ocean. The sunsets over the ocean are truly amazing, the water is so clear and the sand is fine and golden.

Our four year old Labrador ‘Toffee’ loves playing on the long deserted beaches and it is a good excuse for the whole family to spend the day in the water enjoying the fresh air. I heartily encourage you all to travel to Perth and to the wider Western Australia (WA) at least once in your life to experience this unspoiled paradise where the WA truly stands for ‘Wait Awhile‘.

Personal Development Turtles!
One of the residents of WA going for a dip!

Why start a blog?

So why start a blog? Personal development is a passion of mine.I am a people person, I excel at coaching and mentoring people to add value to their career journey, whether it be individual, management or team development. This in turn adds value to organisations, contributes to a positive culture and better client satisfaction. I have acquired these skills, through coaching and mentoring in top private and government organisations in both the UK and Australia. Nothing thrills me more than helping people and companies explore and realise their potential, together.

personal development
Focus on your potential and realise it!

So what is in it for you? Well I have started this blog so that people like you and I can share ideas and tools to raise the profile of the positive culture mentality and personal development. This will include ideas and posts on personal development, how to build successful teams and increase the awareness and positive culture wherever you are by focusing on employee engagement. A positive culture translates itself to increased staff retention, a stronger workplace environment and ultimately deeper client satisfaction. 

personal development help
A helping hand to achieve your goals

What you can expect

Over the coming months and (hopefully) years we will explore together how to achieve your potential and have a positive impact on culture in your organisation. Together we will focus on how to visualise your successes and achieve them, how to grow your teams and inspire you, your client base and your people to greater heights.

Whether you are new in management, an employee looking for some tips on how to get on, a CEO trying to understand how to build that killer team or simply interested in people and how to engage and enthuse them, this Personal Development blog is for you. Please do not be a stranger, say hi and together we can make a difference.

Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you soon.


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