Weekend Shorts – First Step to Achieving your Goals


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Take the first step to achieving your goals.

Always remember that to achieve any of your goals you have to start somewhere. The first step can be the hardest but clearly is the most important.

Should you struggle to accomplish your ambitions, the reason might be as simple as your targets are too large. Therefore people are put off by overwhelming ambitions.

Contrary to what we might think, there is no global conspiracy stopping us being successful in life. Clearly, there is no evil overlord who has set their sights on our existence and decided that we are to suffer.

You are feeling overwhelmed?  You don’t know where to start? Do not panic. We all feel this sometime or other.

Most importantly you are certainly not alone and the answer is to reduce your goals down to small manageable chunks. Limit the complexities of massive targets. Successful people develop huge goals too but reduce these down to smaller easily attainable wins. Consequently, they are able to hit their targets more often than people who do not.

Easily achievable milestones provide you with feel-good moments. Taking step after step, recording success after success, the feel-good moments multiply and your sense of pride and happiness increases. Your confidence rises and it becomes easier for you to set new and more expansive goals.

Try this next time you set yourself a goal. It does not have to be a big one, try it out in your home life. Learning how to swim? Break it down. Training yourself another language? Reduce to bit sized pieces.

You are extraordinary and unique. Increased self-belief will be achieved by reducing your life goals down to small bite-sized pieces and confidentially taking that first step to a more happy and successful you.

Take that First Step to Achieve your Goals


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