Weekend Shorts – 7 Steps for Perfect Presentations

Presentation Panic? Get your Game Face On!

Do you go cold at the thought of standing in front of others and talking? Do you try and hide when your boss looks for volunteers to present the latest forecast to clients? Perfect Presentations a worry? Don’t panic! You are not alone. 

These 7 steps for perfect presentations will help you deliver time and again.

Presentation Panic
Perfect Presentations

More people struggle with producing perfect presentations and public speaking than you think. 

Figures suggest that over 75% of people struggle with presentations and public speaking.

Many famous and hugely successful people have struggled with delivering perfect presentations and public speaking.  Learn how they coped and flourished. These are ideas that you can use and pass on.

Famous People in the same boat as you

Buffett Panic

Warren Buffett, the hugely successful billionaire was totally terrified of public speaking when he was younger. He even signed up for a public speaking course and then dropped out because he was scared. 

Buffet has gone on to be worth over US $86 Billion. 
He is an investor, speaker and philanthropist who is certainly successful. His perfect presentations and speaker style are a testament to hard work and dedication.


Gandhi Presentation Panic

Mahatma Gandhi, inspiring an independence movement without being able to string two sentences together? Yes. When Gandhi was a young man he found it difficult to speak in public and private.  As a Lawyer he famously walked out of a court house when he felt a wave of panic wash over him. 

Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Perfect Presentations

So you are in illustrious company, how did they get over their jitters? 

Follow these easy to remember 7 steps for perfect presentations;

  1. Do not worry about remembering each word

    Remember no one knows what you are going to say –  As long as the content of the subject is sound, no one will give two hoots if you haven’t repeated your script exactly as you wrote it.

  2. Make friends

    Pick three or four audience members and speak directly to them every three or four sentences. Nod at them as you affirm a point. Most will nod back. But remember to spread the love and move your attention round the room.

  3. Smile

    No one wants to listen to someone who looks morose. Even a particularly dry subject can be interesting to some. Smiling helps people feel closer to you and will help you built rapport.

  4. Speak Up!

    Talk loud enough so that the people at the back can hear you. Do not shout, but practice speaking forcefully. You have a message to tell and every one in that room needs to hear it.

  5. Practice

    Practice in the mirror, practice with other people in your team, your focus group, your best friend. Whatever makes you comfortable.

  6. Arrive Early

    Make sure everything is set up correctly. If the venue is new then try and see it the day before, if that is not possible, do not stress. Just arrive a few minutes earlier to make sure things can work.

  7. Line Them Up

    As soon as you have successfully delivered this talk, book in another. The more practice, the better you will become.

These steps are easy to implement and you will have instant positive results. Try them and let me know how you got on.

What helps you when presenting?

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