Weekend Shorts – Stress Relief through Laughter

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Stress relief through laughter 

One of the biggest killers on the planet is stress. Stress is also the bane of the modern world and permeates into all aspects of our lives. It can affect our home life and our work life.
An estimated $300 billion lost in the USA in 2016 through occupational stress.
The human impact of stress is shocking. Increases in depression levels across the globe. Medical and relationship issues on the rise.
Laughter reduces stress hormones and is beneficial to your health. Stress relief through laughter works on so many levels individually and professionally.
Benefits of Laughter;
  • Triggers the release of endorphins that will promote a sense of well being.
  • Reduces anger and can diffuse situations and conflict.
  • Laughter can even help burn calories, 10-15 minutes of laughter a day can burn about 40 calories.
More and more health professionals across the globe prescribe laughter for many ailments. These range from integrated depression programs to palliative care arrangements.

Stress relief through laughter at work

You should be encouraging laughter in the workplace. Building a more healthy and inclusive culture should be everybody’s goal.
A workplace where people are empowered to laugh and enjoy their surroundings is beneficial to you, your people and your organization.
Laughter improves cooperation and empathy between people and teams. Laughter builds a positive culture and the bonds forged will last years.
Encourage a workplace where laughter is heard and not hidden. This does not mean a relaxing of standards and a reduction in productivity. It is an investment in you, your people and your business.
Your people are more likely to stay with you if you have a challenging yet fun place to work in. In addition, during difficult periods or projects, your people are more likely to go over and above to deliver.
In conclusion when you have a team who laughs together, you have a team who will go that extra mile. A winning team beating stress through laughter, together.

Stress relief through laughter 

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